DIY: Table Numbers and Letters


DIY: table numbers

Today’s feature is a DIY project that I am very excited to share with you. This one is a project we did at my wedding. Guaranteed: the results are crafty, creative, and a conversational piece for your guests to enjoy in the table.

DIY: couple's monogram

DIY: couple’s monogram

When it comes to the amount of money required, no need to shell out a lot. All the items are available in your crafts and hardware shop. Also, the amount of time for this project would depend on the number of tables you have. To start off, you will need 1 sample number of each in paper-mache. I prefer this material because it is hard enough for you to base your succeeding numbers and they come in more than one size. Also, it is widely available in your craft stores.


You will also need the following:
styro-foam (approx 1 inch thichness)
grass colored green paint, 
green moss, 
a wooden base for each number set, glue, and paint brush.

To save money so that you do not need to buy ALL numbers in paper mache, you will need to buy stryro-foam. This would less than half the cost of the paper mache but would require more time. Once you get the hang of it, it would be worth it in the end. 

You will need to pattern the paper-mache number on to the styro-foam and using a cutter, cut each number out. Depending on how many table numbers you will have, you would need to make more than 1 each. If you will have 20 tables, you’d need 11 pieces of number 1.

50 49

Then it is time to cover the styro-foam numbers in green paint. take note that you can use the store-bought paper-mache numbers as part of the table numbers as well.

41 40

Then it’s time to place the moss on to the styro-foam numbers using store-bought white glue. The trick is to evenly scatter the moss on to the number and make sure to spread them out so that it would not look too stuffy or fat on the edges.


When you are done putting the moss on, you can now glue the bottom to the brown wooden base. Now to source this, I went to a rural furniture shop and I simply bought their wooden crates at less than cost since it was simply scrap material for them anyway! As they say, someone’s junk is another person’s treasure. I then cut out the crate at equal sizes to make sure the numbers fit in them. I then painted clear varnish on the bases so that it would look cleaner.  I placed wooden base for the table numbers only. Here is the ending result . We incorporated these into my wedding for a nature-inspired and chic theme. More on that later.


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